Canadian police revealed that the billionaire Sherman and his wife killed : Crime news : Vladim

News 27 January, 2018

Canadian law enforcement officers came to the conclusion that the death of the billionaire Sherman and his wife was caused by violent acts. Now it turned into a double murder.


The body of the businessman and his wife Hani found in the basement of their own home. Forensic experts discovered on the bodies traces of asphyxia. Initially police believed that the couple have a direct relationship to his own death, and even actively participated in it. Developed a theory according to which the head of a pharmaceutical company, Barry Sherman, first strangled his wife, then inflicted injuries incompatible with life.


However, after questioning 130 witnesses and gathered all the evidence, it became clear that the death of 75-year-old owner of the state 3.7 billion dollars would want to hurt other people. This, however, insisted and relatives who disagreed with the previous version of the investigation, and even resorted to private investigators.