Canadians worried that the border is poorly protected

News 17 December, 2017
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    More than half of Canadians and Quebecers are concerned that the border that separates the United States will be more secure.

    Christopher Nardi

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 01:00

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 01:00

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    OTTAWA | More than half of the population of canada and quebec, is concerned about the security at the canadian border, particularly because of the arrival of high profile migrants for a year.

    On the national level, 55 % of the respondents to the web survey conducted by Leger for the Association for canadian studies (ACS) and obtained by The Journal are worried about the threats to the security of the border between Canada and the United States.

    In Quebec, the concern is a little more common, while 57 % of respondents felt that the canadian border is safe from threats.

    Among the 16 potential threats most often mentioned by the respondents, immigrants are six times. The answers to the most popular are : a lack of control of immigrants and newcomers illegal.

    “Since the election of Donald Trump to the United States and the crisis of migrants for a year, there is clearly a perception problem vis-à-vis the border security of Canada. This is certainly an issue which the government must address, ” says Jack Jedwab, VP of AEC.

    On the other hand, 11 % of those polled said that terrorism is the greatest threat to the border.

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    Jack Jedwab, VP of AEC


    Better protected ?

    Moreover, only a third of Canadians believe that Canada protects its border as well, or better, than our neighbours to the south.

    Conversely, 40 % of respondents across the country (and 50 % of Quebecers) believe that Americans can better protect their borders.

    Remember that for nearly a year, the administration Trump, attempting to prohibit access to the countries of immigrants from some muslim countries.

    “A few years ago, the headlines that spoke of massive arrivals of immigrants at the border seemed far away, focused in Europe, for example,” said Mr. Jedwab.

    Last year, Canada is facing the same situation from the United States and the issue no longer seems very distant. This concern is clearly more than one. “

    Secure border

    Called for comment, the office of the minister of public Safety has immediately wanted to reassure Canadians about the security of the border.

    “The relationship between Canada and the United States represents one of the partnerships the narrower and more solid in the area of security in the world. Our border services and our intelligence services work closely together to identify and counter threats from both sides of the border, ” wrote spokesman Scott Bardsley.

    The five elements are considered as the most “threatening” to the security of our border in Quebec

    • 12 % terrorism
    • 9 % illegal immigrants
    • 9 % of The poor control of immigrants
    • 7 % Immigrants ill-intentioned
    • 5 % Immigrants (in general)

    Source : Sondage Léger, commissioned by the Association for canadian studies