Cancer and the vaccine. The amazing thing is that it works!

Techno 27 March, 2018

2018-03-27 12:52

Cancer and the vaccine. The amazing thing is that it works!
Encouraging news from Stanford.

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Soon the people will test the vaccine that causes the body to destroy cancerous tumors wherever they appeared. Developed by scientists from Stanford University, informs news, Ukrmedia.

According to them, to run the body’s protective reaction against all cancer cells with just one shot.

The vaccine is based on activation of the immune system to fight cancer. Clinical trials on mice showed that the vaccine helps to destroy even the most remote of the tumor.

Now scientists decided to test their unique invention for people with cancer.

Science already known methods of stimulation of the human immune system. Some of them are localized, not allowing cancer to spread throughout the body.

Others suggest removing immune cells from a patient for genetic processing.

These techniques showed good performance, but they are very complex and have a lot of severe side effects.

According to the researchers, the new vaccine has fewer side effects than any other drugs to boost the immune system.

It can be effective against many types of cancer. In addition, it is quite affordable.

We hope that testing the vaccine on humans are successful and science will make a breakthrough in cancer treatment!