Cancer Chinese girl got married with myself : In the World : Vladim

News 25 January, 2018

Representatives of the Chinese press told a little strange, but no less touching story about how 21-year-old resident of China, which is currently undergoing a complex restoration treatment of leukemia, decided to get married without a groom. The ceremony for girls decided to organize volunteers.


Yang Chunyan about the disease found out about a month ago. She told me that he wanted to marry his sibling, but expressed concerns that simply can not live up to such a festive and happy event. The man, wanting to help his sister, addressed the volunteers with a request to arrange for her a special ceremony in which she could participate without the groom. The celebration was held in one of the hospitals.

Directly in the lobby of the offices were fitted with pink carpet on which the bride was in a dress and with a bouquet. Specifically for the wedding was ordered luxurious cake. After the celebration came to an end, the girl signed the document, which bequeathed his organs for transplant.

I decided to help such good people. And they were so many. Thanks to them, I saw hope and became bolder. Now I don’t care whether I recover or not I absolutely not terrible, “says the bride.