Cantley: driving while intoxicated with a child on board

News 10 July, 2017
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    Monday, 10 July 2017 12:19

    Monday, 10 July 2017 12:19

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    A 47-year-old drunk who was driving with a child of 6 years on board of his vehicle was stopped for speeding Saturday morning at Cantley, in the Outaouais region.

    To 8: 50 a.m., the driver was picked up by a police officer while he was travelling at 102 km/h on the highway 307, in an area where the speed limit is 70 km/h.

    “During the arrest, the police officer finds that the driver is intoxicated and then proceeds to his arrest,” said officer Martin Fournel, a spokesperson for the public Safety of the MRC des Collines de l’outaouais.

    To his amazement, the police found that the man was not alone: a child of six years old took place at the rear of the vehicle and was not seated in a child seat.

    The child’s mother was contacted to come retrieve it on the spot.

    For what is of the father, he should be facing criminal charges of driving with ability impaired by alcohol.

    A finding of a violation of $ 224 with three demerit points for speeding has also been delivered.

    Another ticket, this one for the child seat missing, should be forwarded later.