Captured seven terrorists were preparing mass murder in St. Petersburg

News 15 December, 2017

In St. Petersburg the employees of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation was detained seven members of the banned terrorist organization ISIS* (banned in Russia), who planned mass murders in the city.


According to data provided by employees of the FSB, terrorists planned to carry out in St. Petersburg a chain of terrorist attacks using explosives. The militants were prepared blasting of the suicide bomber, who was with the bomb strapped to his body, in one of the crowded areas of St. Petersburg. Also in the plans of the militants were implementing bombings in several cultural institutions of St. Petersburg, are known for their attendance.

The special operation took place in a two-day period, starting on Wednesday, December 13. In the course of neutralization of terrorists, the FSB managed to detain seven members of the terrorist organization, and seized multiple components of improvised explosive devices, and ammunition and firearms of various types.