“Carcasses” of cockroaches

News 8 December, 2017
  • Dominique Scali

    Friday, December 8, 2017 19:21

    Friday, December 8, 2017 19:21

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    The “carcasses” of cockroaches were so many of them in the restaurant, Qing Hua Dumpling, boulevard Saint-Laurent that the establishment had to close its doors for five days.

    “Two carcasses of cockroaches [were] on the top of the table, below the stove soup “, was noted by the inspector during his visit of October 13, 2016.

    The restaurant, Qing Hua Dumpling, located at 1019, boulevard St.-Laurent in Montreal, has received $ 1200 worth of fines last September due to an infestation of cockroaches observed in October 2016.

    The inspector found the dead bodies of these critters in many places in the trade : to the side of a serving plate, on a cart used to store clean dishes, cans.

    “Several cockroaches dead and pieces of carcasses” were on a platform supporting the baskets of the dishwasher.

    “In the washroom of ladies, and behind a large decorative vase standing on it, there was also a cockroach dead “, one can read in the report.


    As for the cockroaches living, some strolled in the structure of a metal shelf. “At least six cockroaches living of average size” were inside a small wooden cabinet under the sink.

    In addition, a capsule containing eggs of cockroaches lay on the gasket cement of a counter.

    “Seeing the problem, I had reasonable grounds to believe that there was an imminent danger to the life or health of consumers,” wrote the inspector to explain his decision to close the restaurant for five days.

    The other branch

    The same day, another inspector was in the other restaurant, Qing Hua, located this one at 1676 avenue Lincoln, Montreal, and discover that this branch was also unsafe.

    “I found that there were rodent droppings black and shining on cutting boards new,” noted the inspector in his report of October 13, 2016. A bag of dried seaweed had been gnawed and droppings from mice have been found on pieces of fresh ginger.

    The owner of the restaurants did not return our calls.

    It is necessary to wait several months after an offence for a judge to hear the case and make its award. The details of these judgments have been obtained as the result of a request for access to information.

    Extract from the report

    “Several cockroaches dead and into pieces of the carcasses. “– The inspector

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