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Aurélien Enthoven, the son of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, known on YouTube to popularize the scientific theories under the pseudonym of Giganto, is the happiness of his mother. Even more since he advocates for the establishment of a society without social classes.

Children of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy are a source of satisfaction in daily for the artist of 49 years, as evidenced by the numerous photos and videos that they post of her daughter Giulia on his account Instagram. Last reason for rapture, the political ideology of his son Aurélien, the fruit of her love with the philosopher Raphael Enthoven. Teen, 16 years old, currently crossed by the big questions of the world had, indeed, poured out to his mother on the doctrine that would like to see triumph in this world.


“It is a dream communist and I think it’s great. If it does not have these ideas 16 years old he will be when ? “, just as well to entrust Carla Bruni-Sarkozy in a new interview given to Paris Match. A confidence which follows a digression in which the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy has explained that “the age reduces the possible “and that” the confusion of youth “was especially appreciated :” I am nostalgic of my 20 years, my energy this time. I’m nostalgic of this characteristic of youth is that, precisely, we do not know what will happen to you. Now, I know more or less where I’ll go, the age reduces the possible. Even if I do a lot of sport, I know that I do not concourrai ever for the olympic Games. I know that I won’t get a virtuoso violinist. All the details of the middle age appear to me to be less gay “.


An interview in which the interpreter of French Touch (in stores October 6) also spoke of his fifty years (the 23 December) and its relationship to social networks : “so, Try to be a girl and it will cause all the two ! This is the ‘middle age’, and given my temperament extremely mature… (laughs) of Course, I’m still a kid, this is probably why I am having fun with Instagram. When I post a photo of me in a tight T-shirt to 24 years of age, this makes me laugh. But it is also because I met him in New York by Pamela Hanson, the photographer who made this shot. What I love Instagram, is that it is like a bouquet of memories, sometimes intimate “, and always pleasant.

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