Carrier rocket with two satellites on Board was launched in Japan

News 23 December, 2017

Booster heavy type N-2A, on Board of which there are two satellite was successfully launched from the launch pad Tanegashima, located in Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan. Both satellites will be separated from the rocket in different orbits.



One of the satellites called “Zumba” is intended for the conduct of Supervisory operations in a very low orbit of up to 180 kilometers. The weight of this satellite does not exceed four tons, and its design is made for the strong opposition to the air resistance, which increases with decreasing orbit height.

The second satellite aboard a rocket called “Shikisai” designed to monitor the Earth’s atmosphere, and tracking of natural processes. With it, Japanese scientists intend to more carefully monitor the system of water circulation in the World ocean and to follow the smallest climatic changes. Both satellites will be separated from the carrier rocket at different times, as they will work on completely different orbits.