Cars of the future on the menu of the auto Show

News 19 January, 2018
  • Marie-Eve Dumont

    Thursday, 18 January, 2018 23:51

    Thursday, 18 January, 2018 23:51

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    Electricity, connectivity and battery life, this is what awaits between other motorists at the auto Show, which opens on Friday at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, where more than 600 cars will be on display. “This is an opportunity for the people to arrive with their small list of criteria and come compare models and technologies, in addition to see models that are more spectacular,” says the spokesperson for the Salon, Bertrand Godin.

    The 5 trends of this 75th edition


    Photo Martin Alarie

    Bertrand Godin, spokesperson for the event

    The technology is also changing more and more with applications. Some electric cars, in particular, are related to an application to know the remaining battery life, where are the terminals, etc

    “Ford is developing a system where the cars speak them. If, for example, a vehicle in front of you diverged slightly from his route because he rolled on a patch of ice, a information would be sent to your car for it to pass a little to the side of the ice “, to quote Mr. Godin.

    The electrical

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    The event brings together 41 electric and hybrid vehicles pluggable, including nine that are available for a test drive.

    Among the innovations, the specialist Bertrand Godin cites the example of the hybrid car Clarity from Honda, which only consumes 2.5 L per 100 km.

    There are also more and more for all tastes and budgets, according to Mr. Godin, a spokesperson for the event.

    For the wealthy, there’s the Panamera of Porsche, which is comprised of more than 113 000 $, and for those who are looking for more exotic, they will be served with the Fisker Karma.

    The appeal of sport utility vehicles (SUVS)

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    “SUVS are still popular, as there are people, families in particular, who need space and who feel safer in a larger car,” said Mr. Godin.

    But big car does not necessarily equate to fat consumption since the manufacturers are also developing hybrid models.

    The new PHEV, the plug-in hybrid Land Rover is an example, quoted the ambassador of the Show.

    Conduct independent (but not too much)

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    Car manufacturers are also developing features to make the vehicles more autonomous and assist the driver in his driving.

    Cars contain systems in advance, which react before the driver who is stationed all alone, like the Gran Turismo of BMW.

    “These systems allow you to record the driver’s intention before the reaction. It is not yet rendered at the full autonomy, it is a progression. It is not necessary that the driver lower his vigilance and relies too much on technology. We do not expect yet, but there will come a day, ” said Mr. Godin.


    Photo Martin Alarie

    Safety is at the heart of the manufacture of vehicles. Technologies like the emergency stop system, which allows the car to brake all alone in order to avoid a collision, can be found on more models, like the RAV4 from Toyota, and not only on high-end vehicles, says the specialist.