Case Cambridge Analytica: the federal government will be asked to Facebook if Canadians have been affected

News 19 March, 2018

    QMI agency

    Monday, march 19, 2018 17:48

    Monday, march 19, 2018 17:48

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    The Office of the protection of the private life of Canada’s intention to communicate with Facebook in order to know if the case is Cambridge Analytica has extended to Canada.

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    According to a recent joint survey by “New York Times”, british newspaper “The observer” and of the television channel british Channel 4 News, the british company Cambridge Analytica would have used the personal data of 50 million users of Facebook to develop software to predict and influence the votes of american voters in the wake of the campaign of the american president Donald Trump.

    Monday, reacting to this scandal, the commissioner for the protection of the private life, Daniel Therrien, said that the recent disclosures concerning the use of personal information published on Facebook for political purposes, “raise serious concerns of privacy”.

    “The Commissioner will contact Facebook to obtain information to determine if the personal information of Canadians have been affected by the issues raised in these reports, said Mr. Therrien. We will then be able to determine the possible steps to follow.

    “We know that the office of the information Commissioner of the United Kingdom has launched an investigation in connection with this incident. We have confirmed our desire to help as it should be and we stay in touch with the Office. Our goal is to ensure that the right to privacy of canadian users of Facebook is protected.”

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    On Monday, Cambridge Analytica has firmly denied the allegations against her, pointing out that “these data Facebook has not been used by Cambridge Analytica in the framework of the services provided to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump” and no “targeted advertising” has been carried out for this client.