Castolo, Espimas, Ivarov … We found the doubles of the legends of PES United!

Sport 24 January, 2017

For all those who once wanted to leave a chance to Konami, the PES United team has a little cooled. Yet we assure you, the players were not completely invented!
There are mandatory passages in the life of a football fan. The one in the video game box is one. And in the war between EA Sports and Konami for the monopoly of the joystick, we all tried at least once an edition of FIFA and PES. The latter offers a peculiarity of its own, that of counting in its program a team assembled from scratch. A team that the designers of the game have elaborated without asking the opinion of the gamers. Result, we like to hate this PES United which looks like everything but Manchester. And the reason is simple: we do not know who the players are lined up on the lawn! Finally, after some research, we have nevertheless found out which ones inspired this formation of legend. An 11 of anthology! Discover also how to react when you score against your old club?