Cat Pallas ‘ cats are considered the most photogenic in the world : the World : Vladim

News 5 February, 2018

Experts believe that the animals called man’ula, the most photogenic cat in the world.


Central Asia is home to animals from the cat family, called man’ula, the statistics were the most photogenic cats in the world. The man’ula included in the Red book, in the wild they can be seen very rarely, but when you see their facial expressions will not leave indifferent anyone photographer. These animals live mainly in the highlands and have a weak immune system, so move them to a different place with a different climate as they can die. Cats are very beautiful with long hair, clumsy and slow, and helps to capture their funny facial expressions.


Note that in Russia there are only 3 of thousands of individuals. In 2012 the cat was chosen as the mascot of the Moscow zoo.