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Entertainment, Techno 10 July, 2017


While the Celine Dion Live in 2017 is in full swing, and is logically a great part of the time of the quebec diva, her twins Eddy and Nelson take the opportunity to play with their aunt Linda, tourists in Paris.

When Celine is not there, Eddy and Nelson dancing… and then appear on a large screen in front of thousands of people. Indeed, it is small surprise that currently reserves the quebec diva to her fans who came to cheer. The latter who, in the course of the show gets a moment back to the audience for watching on a giant screen his son, René-Charles (16 years old) in the process of rap on the title Black or White of Michael Jackson. A sequence in which its two little brothers also give of their person slipping on the floor at the foot of their elder.


Still, if this moment has for objective to show that music is in Dion a family affair, in fact, only one Céline Dion gives his person to honor the representations of its summer tour in France and Europe. And for that mom époumone in his magical singing in rehearsal or in concert, Eddy, and Nelson are ahead of him. But you can not let the two brothers look at each other in staring at each other in the quiet dining rooms of the Royal Monceau hotel ; the palace, where Dion took up residence since mid-June.


Because auntie Linda is here to satisfy the need of aeration of his nephews. It is as well as the big sister of Céline Dion (nine years his senior) has been seen with the twins and their bodyguard, on the 29th of June last, going to a restaurant to eat a pizza. A week later, on 5 July, it is up to the Galeries Lafayette department store, that the small band was seen. A passage by the shopping mall which they have the opportunity to replenish the toys and go to the famous roof terrace of the brand to see a great lady other than their mother, the Eiffel tower.

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