CES 2017: Lenovo presents its future VR helmet

Techno 3 January, 2017

Lenovo took advantage of the CES to unveil its future VR helmet. Still at the prototype stage, it is distinguished by a neat design and a great lightness.
The CES 2017 officially begins on January 5, but some manufacturers are getting ahead to unveil the products they have imagined. This Tuesday, Lenovo lifted the veil on its future virtual reality helmet, ahead of some journalists including Engadget. Still at the prototype stage, the helmet in question has not been the subject of a real demonstration. But the Chinese manufacturer that recently formalized its Zuk Edge has still delivered valuable information about her. Its design, functioning and price … Lenovo has praised the merits of its VR helmet whose name has not yet been stopped. And you will see it on the photos taken by our confreres, it gives rather envy.

CES 2017 – This VR Helmet promises to be very comfortable
In addition to a stylish design, the VR helmet Lenovo is known for great lightness . It weighs 350g effect, which is much less than its competitors on the market, including the HTC Vive was recently discounted . Besides this aspect, it is equipped with two OLED screens with a definition of 1440×1440, which allows a great visual comfort. When users spend their nights on their favorite games, they probably will not have any eyesight. Once functional, the helmet designed by Lenovo will run Windows 10 and provide access to universal applications of the OS and certain specific applications HoloLens. On the price side, a range of 300 to 400 dollars is evoked for the helmet strictly speaking. At meltyStyle, we’re looking forward to seeing what it will do once it’s up and running. The Lenovo VR headset design seduces you?