CES Las Vegas. 4 trends of the electronics trade fair

News 4 January, 2017

Top start of the 2017 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the professional electronics show that opens this Wednesday in Las Vegas. What it will not (absolutely) not to miss …

The electronics show Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas opens its doors on Wednesday until 8 January. For its 50 candles, this unmissable professional rendezvous called “the great mass” of electronics summons some 3,500 exhibitors.

200 000 buyers, distributors, journalists and influencers will squeeze there during four days to sniff the techno trends of the year 2017 …

Connected objects: health, surveillance and security

Until recently, it was the novelties of the major manufacturers that everyone was waiting for at the CES. If Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips or even LG based on ultra-high definition televisions, uncompressed sound systems and 360 ° videos will not fail to attract crowds, the more curious will ogle first to connected objects . It is here that lodges a part of our future …

Since smartphones have become the remotes of our lives, a thousand and one small devices connecting themselves invite new uses in the palm of our hands. For example: monitoring your home remotely, controlling the temperature of its interior when you are on the move or driving its luminaires with a simple press of the index finger on the mobile screen, etc.

This year at the CES, Health 2.0 with its connected activity sensors and watches (sold 23 million worldwide in the third quarter alone in 2016, according to the IDC Institute) living room. We also expect a lot of companies like Nest, Netatmo or Somfy who have made a name in connected surveillance. All should offer solutions that are easier to install and use.

More than ever in 2017, it is also hoped that the ingenious Swiss digital knives that flood the market will see our private data totally secure …

The Maximus Smart Motion Security Light System. Driving luminaires remotely could become a daily gesture. The Maximus Smart Motion Security Light System. Driving luminaires remotely could become a daily gesture. | AFP
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Artificial intelligence: the house is driven by the voice

Certainly one of the axes of the CES 2017. The personal assistants new generation make their arrival en masse in our universes. Mostly vested in the smart home, they are called “Alexa” at Amazon or “Home” at Google and can be directly integrated in various everyday objects , such as a Bluetooth speaker, remote control or a single terminal on the table The living room or the kitchen.

They answer our questions about weather, traffic, stock exchange or television programs, can order a Uber, but also control compatible connected objects of the home.

“Alexa, can you remember when it is time to go by avoiding traffic jams” … No doubt the CES 2017 their will open the field of possibilities. Even if Apple is traditionally part of the major absentees of the electronics trade fair, the virtual “Siri” concierge from the firm to the apple could invest as early as 2017 different so-called “smart home” solution.

The car: the car of tomorrow takes the road

For several years, the automobile has been invited to the CES in Las Vegas. For manufacturers, the idea is not to present new vehicles like the Auto Show, but rather their innovations and other concept cars carted with futuristic technologies.

If Nissan-Renault is to go to the CES for the first time, including a stand-alone vehicle, other regulars in the fair, such as Ford and Audi, will keep the dream alive with connected dashboards and other sedans worthy of A film by James Bond. Thus, BMW should unveil its HoloActive Touch system, a holographic dashboard whose controls are carried out without contact, with gestures of the hand.

This year, Faraday Future, which after a concept car unveiled a year ago, is expected this year to say more about a series electric SUV announced as a “Tesla Killer”.

The electric car of Faraday Future. The electric car of Faraday Future. | Reuters
The French Tech: the French show their muscles

For four years, the French are no longer strangers in Las Vegas. There are some 224 national start-ups that this year are present in the capital of the game to try to make a name for themselves.

Sign of recognition? The “French Tech” label run by the Ministry of Economy. Framed by Fleur Pellerin, Axelle Lemaire and Emmanuel Macron who all went to Vegas to support our entrepreneurs the flower at the end of the rifle, the logo “French Tech” became the emblem of the team of France in the city Of casinos.

The Minister of Economy Michel Sapin should be present at the French exhibitors of the CES this year. It also will cross in the aisles François Fillon, the candidate of the right and center in the presidential elections . This enthusiast of drones is expected Thursday and Friday on stands of the brands Withings (now owned by Nokia), Netatmo or even Sculpteo. At the latter, the former prime minister should discover a bike printed in metal and 3D …

This year at the CES, France represents the first delegation of start-ups in the world, ahead of the United States. What to push a little “cocorico” …