CGS Pokemon: Pokemon cards of Sun & Moon disembark

Techno 7 February, 2017

Pokemon cards of Sun & Moon arrive, and they are too class.
If you just personalize your trainer with four useless stuff but still very cool even when in Pokemon Sun & Moon , it’s time to move to new TCG cards. For those who do not know, the JCC is the Card Game Collectible Trading Card Game or for the connoisseurs. And that says more Pokemon every year and those for more than 20 years, also says even more collectible cards. Whether to extend your collection or to play (yes they are people who are doing the same and it’s super cool), be sure to take a look at the new Sun & Moon extension which incorporates the Pokemon games to dazzling success On 3DS. Are you going to collect Pokemon cards from the Sun & Moon expansion?
The artworks are beautiful, the Pokemon-GX are overpowered are introduced with this expansion, 40 new Pokemon are present … Anyway, the extension tear and is now available in all good signs … Now it only remains Just choose between the deck of Archeduc, Felinferno and Oratoria or does not choose and take the three fact, it’s up to you.