Charkaoui says she is the victim of a witch hunt

News 11 January, 2018
  • Photo Chantal Poirier
    Adil Charkaoui. Accused

    Michael Nguyen

    Thursday, 11 January, 2018 19:38

    Thursday, 11 January, 2018 19:38

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    Adil Charkaoui says she is the victim of a witch hunt, following an assault allegedly committed on a security officer at College Maisonneuve.

    “I hope this witch hunt will not take place, that in Quebec there will be an independent justice “, has launched Charkaoui Thursday at the municipal Court of Montreal.

    The controversial preacher was back before the court for the final phase of his trial. And for the main concerned, there is no doubt that he should be acquitted.

    The altercation that led to the charge occurred in February 2016 at a soccer game. During the match, a security agent came to do a round when it has been inveighed by the group, which consisted of a dozen players.

    Charkaoui would then intervened, he would have inveighed agent, he would have kicked shoulder, and would have seized him by the arm, where the assaults.

    “[The agent] was alone in the face of these people, he was there for surveillance and prevention. Staying on site does not justify the assault, ” argued the prosecutor Aline Ramy, during its oral argument on Thursday.

    A ” good father of family “

    Counsel for Charkaoui, Richard Dubé, has argued that his client has committed no crime.

    During the trial, the accused has claimed to have intervened to calm the spirits, and to ensure that the agent is not wounded by a ball lost. He denied having committed the assault.

    “Finally, Mr. Charkaoui has behaved like a good father of a family “, argued the lawyer, while recalling that other witnesses present at the scene corroborated the version of the accused.

    Moreover, has reminded the lawyer, the first policeman would have recommended not to bring charges. This is only 10 days later that investigators are presented in the security agent to take his deposition.

    “It exists, witch hunts, pleaded Me Dubé. It is in this context, it should not exist. “

    The prosecution responded by noting contradictions between the various witnesses of the defence, and by the behavior of Charkaoui that would have taken a “combat stance” in the face of the agent, according to the last.

    “It was an individual [Charkaoui] who claims to want to calm the situation, but it does not attempt to resolve it differently than by the violence,” she said.

    The judge Guylaine Lavigne has taken its decision under advisement. It will communicate its verdict in two months.