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For the past few months, a new man has entered the life of Charlotte Casiraghi. Dimitri Rassam, aged 35, eldest son of Carole Bouquet, all of the prince charming. And his destiny is much like that of the daughter of Caroline of Monaco…

If someone loves a flower of which just one copy in the millions and the millions of stars, it is enough for it to be happy when he looks at them. He said to himself : “My flower is out there somewhere…” ” The little prince of Saint-Exupéry was not only cradled the childhood of Dimitri Rassam, like that of many other children, he has also marked his entry in the great court of the 7th art (the thirty-year-old has produced an animation film inspired by the fairy tale, which is one of the biggest French success abroad). Today, the little prince seems to have found its pink : the delicate Charlotte Casiraghi. Is it that these children ” well-born “, as it is said, were destined to meet one day ? It is still the case that the couple full of charm that they are makes you want to believe. Barbizon (where the young woman lives with her little boy of 3 years, Raphaël) to Venice, from New York to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, their romance fascinates. It was once……

It was in 2006 that the general public discovered for the first time, Dimitri Rassam, during the ceremony of Caesar. It is then up to the arms of his mother, Carole Bouquet. He is 24 years old. “I have a supermaman, he says a few years later in the magazine. She is dedicated to me and my little brother Louis. Dimitri has lost his father at the age of 3 years. Producer of genius (it has smelled the Godard, Pialat, Jean Yanne, Ferreri, Polanski…), excessive in everything, borderline often diagnosed manic-depressive, Jean-Pierre Rassam puts an end to his days in 1985, he was 43 years old.I have lived in the absence of a father, but not in the memory of the lost , “says Dimitri. Words that are, of course, echoes those spoken recently in The Observer of Monaco by Charlotte Casiraghi, about her father, the victim of an accident offshore in thirty years, when she was four : “anxiety and existential anxiety are part of everyone’s life. My personal experience has been made of sad events, such as the early death of my father. ” And add : “The solitude, I felt quite early on, as a teenager, and this is what pushed me to introspection, especially as I had a temperament that me leaning in the analysis.

Dimitri was 19 years old when he received his cousin Thomas Langmann (the mother of the latter, Anne-Marie Rassam, was the sister of the father of Dimitri) a box full of photos. The whole life of this father that he has only experienced through what he was told is there. But the boy closes the box. He is not ready. It was disturbing to me to discover common traits with my father. I think I’d rather live with a drawing over the blur of him , “says-t it. Yet, in 2005, he founded his own production company and names Chapter 2, a way to register, at least symbolically, in the continuity of his sire. But absence of a father does not necessarily mean lack, suffering. Child of Dimitri is happy. It was soon to be a brother, Louis, benjamin a 6-year-old son that his mother had with the photographer Francis Giacobetti. He explains this in Paris Match : Mom we have structured, my little brother and me, to be able to endure the trials of life. We had the culture of pleasure, but also, even more important, the awareness that it was hyperprivilégiés. “ During adolescence, it is another man, the charismatic, gruff and tender, who serves as its guardian. Gérard Depardieu will share the life of Carol for ten years.I was a little autistic when I was young, Gérard has brought me the madness that I missed, he acknowledged in It. It is an ogre that has completely changed my life for the better. I would probably become a small con if I had not met.

Today, Dimitri Rassam is a good guy. Successful producer (The little prince, The first name or Dad or maman1 and 2), separated from his companion but, dad happy a little Darya, 6 years. When he was a child, he spent entire nights to tell his mother all what he would do later. He told him that he would have the most beautiful women in the world. And she answered : “Yes, my love, of course… ” With it, all dreams were possible. Believe that moms are always right.

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