Cheated by a friend that he knew since 18 years old

News 10 January, 2018
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    Wednesday, January 10, 2018 12:18

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    Before hearing his sentence of three years in penitentiary for fraud, Steeve Duchesne wanted to apologize in front of the judge Tuesday. Before he opens his mouth, his victims, former colleagues and friends, are lifted in a block and leaving the room.

    Christian Vallières is the representative of this group of people who have worked with Steeve Duchesne at the Cascades factory-Fjordcell Jonquière before its closure. He recalls that some were then in a precarious financial situation. Duchesne, an investment dealer and financial, was able to acquire severance pay, with promises of better yields.

    “We are isolated and we had an offer that he did not do it to anyone else. He made us to invest in his cabinet that he wanted to open. He wanted to leave to his account”, remembered Mr. Vallières in 9 hours.

    After three years of lies, Mr. Vallières realized that he had been deceived by a friend that he knew since the age of 18. He wanted to obtain evidence. The amount of $ 560,000 provided by the 14 victims had not been invested. Duchesne has rather made the big life by frequenting great restaurants, the casino and bars of the dancers. He has also renovated his residence.

    Guest in the house of Christian Vallieres, Steeve Duchesne has then confessed in front of his friend and his wife that he had spent everything it had and it did nothing.

    Long-term consequences

    Before the Court, Mr. Vallières has stated that the victims would suffer the worst punishment.

    “It is amazing all the consequences that may occur as a result of fraud, said Mr. Vallières. People do not want to spread publicly the states of the soul which they live. We are talking here about suicidal thoughts. In one case, the firearms had to be seized. There have been sales of houses, cars, cottages.”