Chelsea mate Arsenal and flies to the title

Sport 4 February, 2017

Superior, Chelsea took another step towards the title of champion this Saturday, defeating Arsenal (3-1). Guided by a fantastic Eden Hazard, the men of Conte and their crazy pressing are 12 points ahead of those of Wenger.

Paradoxically, the slap received during the phase to go to the Emirates (0-3), on September 24, launched the season of Chelsea. Antonio Conte took the opportunity to find the perfect system, his famous 3-4-3, and make Blues a machine almost impregnable. At the time of finding the Gunners this Saturday, Chelsea wanted to prove firmly its total transformation. Impressively, Gary Cahill’s partners smothered Wenger’s men to successfully complete their mission (3-1). With twelve points clear of the Gunners , Blues spin to the title.

Chelsea printed a crazy push in the first moments. Arsenal, private in the middle of Ramsey, Cazorla (injured), Xhaka (suspended) and Elneny (CAN), was immediately taken by the throat by this roller. This muscle, the intensity, allowed the Blues to find the opening, on a disputed goal (17th, see, elsewhere ). Arsenal, groggy, has approached several times the K.-O. In the wake. Costa (18th, 26th, 30th) then Pedro (31st) worried Cech, released by a defense unable to escape the blues hold, and cornered in its 30 meters. Arsenal woke up lightly at the end of the first period, with an Oxlade-Chamberlain head slammed superbly by Courtois (37th), and a crushed shot of Özil, caught serenely by the Belgian (45th +2).

Too little to hide a shocking observation: Wenger’s men were overwhelmed, crushed by the supremacy of Chelsea’s midfield, embodied by the enormous performance of the Matic-Kante duo. Still as unplayable tactically, Chelsea made the break on an amazing goal from Hazard (53, see-through elsewhere ). The team of Roman Abramovich managed his lead, taking advantage of the infancy of Arsenal offensively. Courtois however had to work to reject an attempt of Welbeck (76th). But Fabregas added a third goal from an immense thirty-meter lob, on a bad raise from Cech (85th), to complete Chelsea’s dream match. Even the goal of the Super Sub Olivier Giroud (90 + 1) has not mitigated the afternoon all blue on London.

Man: This Hazard is great
Often ghostly last season, Eden Hazard is transformed. His match against Arsenal confirmed that the Belgian has returned to the exceptional level that was his. As usual, he formed an untenable duo with Diego Costa. He could have been a decisive passerby for the Spaniard twice (26th, 30th), by two great passes. His inspired heel has once again witnessed the touch of genius printed at Stamford Bridge by former Lille on Saturday (43rd).

But his masterpiece, surely that of his season and perhaps his career, Hazard realized in the 53rd minute. Having left since his camp, Hazard erased all the defense of the Gunners alone, resisting in particular Coquelin, before crocheting inside then outside before Koscielny. A maradone goal or rather Hazardesque, his 10th this season in the Premier League. What to make plunge Tale of happiness in the public.

The dominance of Chelsea was rewarded by the opening of the score of Marcos Alonso (17th), but it could have been invalidated. Indeed, after a header on the bar of Diego Costa, the Spanish midfielder followed, to place a powerful head, in a muscular duel with Hector Bellerin. At real speed, the air fight between the two men was already impressive, the slow motion confirmed. Marcos Alonso, thrown, put an elbow to the right side of the Gunners to adjust his head. Bellerin, rang, no one is not delivered and has been replaced by Gabriel . Mr Atkinson has, in view of the slow motion, on this action necessarily decisive for the continuation of the meeting. ” This is a regular duel ” himself has estimated Thierry Henry.