Child pornography : The actor Paul Cagelet therapy

News 13 July, 2017
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    Michael Nguyen

    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 11:44

    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 11:44

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    The actor quebec small Paul Cagelet began a therapy in connection with his charges of possession and distribution of child pornography.

    “Mr. Cagelet want to put forward in this therapy before you decide to follow-up the situation,” said his lawyer Michael Morena to the court on Thursday.

    According to the evidence of the Crown, the actor would have consumed child pornography between July 2015 and his arrest last November. He is accused of possession of this illegal material, but also to have it distributed.

    “These are serious charges, Mr. Cagelet lives it’s very difficult on a personal level and professional,” said his lawyer.

    It is that the actor was working in a hardware store in Montreal when he was accused at the criminal. He has since lost his job, and he would be unable to find a new one.

    “The discussions with the Crown continues, we should be able to decide where is the folder at the next hearing in September, found Me Morena. It is important to remember that at this stage, Mr. Cagelet enjoys the presumption of innocence.”

    By then, the well-known actor for his roles in the movie Matusalem and the series of Cormoran will remain on bail. It is however forbidden to go on the internet, and his contacts with minors are very restricted. It can’t go in parks where there are young people, and it can’t find a job then putting it in a position of authority with children.

    The actor, who suffers from achondroplasia, a bone disease at the origin of his dwarfism, marked the screens of the province through the years with several roles, including that of a person of small stature in Nelligan, a biopic on the life of quebec poet Émile Nelligan, directed by Robert Favreau.

    More recently, the actor played in the series Bob Gratton, ma vie/my life, as well as in the Bye-bye of 2008, according to his filmography on the website imdb. He has also obtained a role in The’odyssée d’alice Tremblay, a comedy performed by Denise Filiatrault in 2002.

    He is also involved in the quebec Association for persons of small size, where it leads to a fight for their recognition.