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Unlike their parents, Charles and Marie Fillon are not put in consideration, in the case of suspicions of ‘ghost’ employees. The documents provided seem to have convinced the investigators.

Last April, French prime minister François Fillon was forced to abandon at the Elysée. The candidate is victorious in the primary of the right and center has not been qualified to the second round of the presidential election. The former Prime minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, entangled in the affairs of suspicions of ‘ghost’ employees, has not managed to convince the French. He and his wife Penelope had been indicted prior to the first round of the presidential election.

The matter is now experiencing a new twist. According to an information of the Parisian, Marie and Charles, two of the five children of the couple Fillon, escape indictment. Unlike their parents, the judges considered that they did not have’strong or concordant evidence’. The two children emerged under status of witness assisted.

They have to bring evidence of their work as parliamentary assistants to their father. From October 2005 to December 2006, Mary would have received 3 800 euros gross per month. From January to June 2007, Charles, would, affected nearly 4 846 euros gross per month. To prove the reality of their work, the children have provided judges with their agenda and the badge of the library of the Senate. Marie Fillon would have referred to a dozen of notes taken to feed his father’s book ” France can bear the truth “. On his side, Charles would have claimed to have comprised of document databases to feed the political project of his father. Documents which seem, for the time being, to have convinced the judges.

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