Children’s network-Back tackles the sexual exploitation of young people

News 14 February, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Wednesday, 14 February 2018 11:29

    Wednesday, 14 February 2018 11:29

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    Taking advantage of the day of Valentine’s day, the Children’s Network-Back announced on Wednesday the launch of the program LOVE, for preventing running away and the sexual exploitation of young people.

    “Considering that on average there are over 5000 reports of fugue in Quebec by year and, as a runaway on three becomes a victim of sexual exploitation, with our experience, we have set up this program in order to protect our young people,” said Pina Arcamone, director general of the missing Children’s Network-and Back.

    The Children’s Network-Back has chosen the young actress Ludivine Reding as ambassador of youth programs for the organization. “For me it is an opportunity to associate myself with a cause that is dear to me and breaking down of the prejudices we may have,” quipped the actress embodies Fanny in the popular series,”.”, broadcast on Monday nights to VAT.

    “I think that Fanny was able to put a face on this reality,” said Pina Arcamone, in an interview with LCN.

    Due to lack of funding, the program LOVE (Affirmation, self-image, set its boundaries, equality, healthy relationships) had been put on ice for several years.

    The new program of the Children’s Network-Back is for the young of the fifth and sixth years and the first secondary.

    “To LOVE is designed to help students build a positive self-image, to recognize the components of healthy relationships and equitable, and to learn how to define its limits, thereby protecting against abuse, assault and exploitation”, according to Children’s Network-and Back.

    In addition to seminars for parents and guardians, a resource directory will be put in place, and a bilingual kit turn-key for educators will be created.

    At-risk youth, and indigenous communities have the right to content tailored to reflect their unique needs.

    Thanks to a grant substantially the hand of an anonymous donor and a generous contribution from the Air Canada Foundation, more than 40 000 young people will learn how to protect themselves during the next three years.

    “We can’t wait to start and with the help of Ludivine, our message will be heard,” added Ms. Arcamone.