China caught in the forceps by Washington and Pyongyang

News 5 September, 2017
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    These trucks come from the chinese city of Dandong crossing Monday, the Friendship bridge, the border sino-Korean, to deliver their merchandise to Sinuiju, North Korea. China, the main economic partner of North Korea, has often been accused of not abiding by the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang by the security Council of the UN.

    Camille Garnier

    Tuesday, 5 September 2017 00:21

    Tuesday, 5 September 2017 00:21

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    The nuclear test conducted Sunday by North Korea can be seen as a way to force the hand of the chinese government to push the United States to engage in dialogue with the north Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

    China, the main commercial partner of North Korea, is also remained particularly discrete about this provocation military unanimously condemned by the international community.

    “Kim Jong-un believes that it is the victim of the game began between Washington and Beijing, believes David Kelly, of research firm China Policy, based in Beijing. With this test, his message is : “We don’t play me.” “

    China, with which North Korea conducts 90 % of its international trade was suspended at the beginning of the year, its purchases of coal to North Korea, and approved the seven trains of sanctions adopted in recent years by the international community.

    Photo AFP

    The us ambassador to the security Council of the UN, Nikki Haley (right), will need to negotiate firmly with his chinese counterpart Liu Jieyi (left), to that of new sanctions to be imposed on the north Korean government.

    Despite all that, the asian giant remains in the crosshairs of the United States, which require that we exert more pressure on its neighbor north korea.

    Donald Trump has also threatened to suspend trade relations with countries that do business with North Korea.

    According to several analysts, China now finds itself in an uncomfortable situation between the two.

    On one side, Washington wants to force him to convince his ally, with blows of sanctions, to refrain from nuclear, while on the other Pyongyang would like to get through the opening of talks with the Americans.

    “Game of billiards “

    Now that he has demonstrated the power of its arsenal, ” Kim Jong-un could launch a promotional campaign to try to open negotiations with the United States. It is a game of billiards “, told AFP the sinologist Jean-Pierre Cabestan, baptist University of Hong Kong.

    The north Korean leader has, however, taken the risk of arousing the wrath of the chinese president at the time, where the latter is the approach of a maturity of critical public policy : the Congress of the chinese communist party, which will open on 18 October.

    “Xi Jinping, who has forged an image of strong man, is at the foot of the wall, it is forced to respond with live,” observes Mr. Capstan, which is expected, however, that a possible reaction, such as an oil embargo, may not occur until after the Congress.

    On Monday, Beijing has refused to give its position regarding the adoption of new sanctions against North Korea.

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