Chinese woman married herself: what are terminally sick people In the World : Vladim

News 25 January, 2018

Diagnosis is not a death sentence.


A young girl from China, learned about the terrible diagnosis of leukemia, decided not to waste time. Yang Chunyan decided to get married. However, the ceremony promised to be quite unusual, as 21-year-old Chinese woman was playing a wedding without the groom – to myself. For such a drastic step, she ran from the terrible disease which does not leave high hopes for the future. Each young lady dreams of seeing herself as a bride and to wear a white dress, and Yang Chunyan made his cherished dream.

To make the wedding ceremony, the girl helped the brother, who on this occasion admitted of volunteers and directly in the hospital where was on treatment of Yang Chunyan, the celebration was held. Was a holiday bouquet, and cake – all the main attributes of this action just to please the ill. This event is very encouraged and inspired the young. She became bolder in the face of leukemia and she had a grain of hope. Also, the bride decided to sign the documents that will her organs after death for transplantation.

Note that cases like this are not uncommon. So a girl from Connecticut, vainly struggling with breast cancer for a year, married a few hours before death. American, probably anticipating his demise dared to urgently enter into a legal relationship with his elect, which is not a step did not retreat and did as it turned out, the last wish of his beloved. Being in a good mood she was not afraid of death, and easily took her 18 hours after the ceremony.


And here is a video of the wedding of Filipino Rodina, a cancer patient who died immediately and 10 hours after the celebration, became a hit on the network, which gathered millions of views on YouTube. The unusual nuptials, attended by relatives and friends of both parties, as well as a two year old daughter of newlyweds. Emotions all filled – no one was holding tears. The fourth stage of the disease the guy rapidly progressed and his health deteriorated dramatically. However, though not for long, but in his last hours of life, there appeared little joy and the final moments were not painted dark colors, and bright and positive impressions, and let the weak, but a smile on his face.