Chinese women taught how to get in the face of husbands In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

In the Internet appeared the video of the lesson in a private school where Chinese was taught as the right way is necessary to please their husbands, including how to take punishment in the form of beatings.


Famous for the Associated Press published an article which talks about a very unusual Chinese place where women can learn “correct” behavior, which, in their opinion, should satisfy their husbands. Such lessons women were taught that they are never equal in dignity with their husbands, and their duty is only to please their spouses. The teacher told the Chinese that even the beating of their favorite are not a reason for divorce.

Published information about this institution has shocked many users, who began to Express their dissatisfaction, stating that such treatment of women in the 21st century is an incredible blasphemy. Training in this institution is free, and in addition to classes “students” also provides free vegetarian food.