Christine Angot, bernard-henri lévy… the people invited by Emmanuel and Bridget Macron at the Elysée – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017


As is evident from the Express, Bernard-Henri Levy, and many other artists and intellectuals were invited to the Elysée palace on Tuesday night for a private screening.

The company of the presidential couple is still as much sought after. On Tuesday night, many celebrities went to the Elysee, to spend the evening with Emmanuel and Bridget Macron. The head of State held a private screening of the documentary The battle of Mosul, directed by philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, and released in march on Arte. A film with beautiful images, carried by the voice of the writer, ode, epic dedicated to the cause he had chosen : that of the Kurds of Iraq , had written at the time The Figaro on the subject of the documentary.


As is evident from the Express, BHL was present at the private screening at the Elysée, in order to present his film to the couple Macron, as well as a delegation of kurdish guerrillas who took part in the battle of Mosul. In addition, other VIP’s have been sighted…


The writer Christine Angot, whose radiance in the face of French prime minister François Fillon during the presidential campaign has marked the spirits, and who will join the team ofOne is not lying (France 2) at the start of the school, was present. Another writer well known, also attended the event : the novelist and success Fred Vargas. And the famous architect Jean Nouvel, who must, in particular, the musée du Quai Branly and the Institut du monde arabe, in Paris, was also of the party. So many prestigious names, which show that after having a low profile, the couple Macron resumed his habits, and frequent new artists, and intellectuals.

Bernard-Henri Lévy,Emmanuel Macron

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