Christmas baskets which brighten the smile

News 24 December, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Simon Clark
    The mom of Princess-Irene, 11 years old, and Odile Theresa, age 6, who lives only loans and scholarships while she has returned to school at age 50, admits that his Christmas would not be the same without the Christmas baskets distributed by The Sprocket of the Blue.

    Elisa Cloutier

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 22:16

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 22:16

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    Arrival at Quebec four years ago, a mother of a family from cameroon says that its Holiday season would not be the same if she could not count on the Christmas basket she receives from the organization The Pinion gear Blue, with which she can provide hearty family meals.

    This is not for everyone as the Holidays are a time synonymous with excess and food galore. For Judith, Bi Suh, who has visited two shelters for women of Québec after having been a victim of domestic violence, it is a difficult time when one juggles with a low income.

    “Sometimes there is a turkey, otherwise there are plenty of things other than food, such as socks, undershirts, tooth brushes, etc that I like, is that they [the volunteers Sprocket Blue] ask us what we need, as it avoids wastage,” says the mother of a family of 50-year-old native of the English-speaking region in the north-west of Cameroon. “With this basket, I can also prepare a meal the day of the Year and even go shopping,” says the one who can prepare a chicken or a fish braised with cameroonian for his daughters, Princess-Irene, 11 years old, and Odile Theresa, 6 years.

    Homework help

    “The Pinion, Blue, it’s more than food aid, they also help with homework, and every afternoon my daughter is going to dinner at their restaurant. Like this, I have a clear conscience. I know she will eat well and it helps me economically, ” says Ms. If Buh, who has received food aid once every two months, for nearly three years. “We will seek the necessary, the bread, the eggs, the milk “, she said.

    From Cameroon to Quebec city

    It must be said that the first years of Ms. If Buh in quebec have not been any rest, which explains why today, in part, its precarious economic situation. “There are months where I count the number of days before the end of the month and I hope it will come soon “, explains that currently studying in the certificate in French at Laval University and who lives on his loans and scholarships.

    In 2013, after eight years of marriage in Cameroon accompanied by many episodes of violence, Ms. If Buh decides to settle in Québec with his family. “I thought that coming in Quebec it would change [her former husband], but it has not been the case,” said the mother of a family. But, only a few months after their move, the carousel starts all over again. “It was very hard, it was tears every day. I was going to join my girls in their bed to sleep in, ” says the one who has taken refuge in a shelter for a woman with her daughters.

    “I was psychologically shot, I had no more strength and I was experiencing a lot of financial instability,” says one who has had to leave his job of a patient care attendant.

    Today, she would like to regain his old passion, the teaching of English, which she practiced for almost 15 years in Africa.

    “I took my courage in both hands and, despite my age, I’m going to make an application for admission to the bachelor of teaching of English in the fall,” said the woman, who hopes a new start in 2018.

    In 2016-2017, the Pinion gear Blue served

    • 661 485 snacks in school environments and disadvantaged
    • 17 590 meals to adults and children
    • 190 food assistance
    • 126 Christmas baskets