Christmas merry thanks to the police

News 22 December, 2017
  • Valerie Gonthier

    Friday, 22 December 2017 18:30

    Friday, 22 December 2017 18:30

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    Shaken after having assisted a young couple and their eight year old child in crisis in their homes with virtually no furniture and no food, police have raised their sleeves to ensure a nice Christmas.

    “In 25 years, I have never seen a problem also intense. It was realized that these people were truly in need. We thought we could help, ” says Daniel Jouhannet, police officer in Longueuil.

    At the end of last month, the patrolman and his partner Vincent Barrette has been called to an emergency in a small apartment in Longueuil. The couple on the spot struggle to control their child’s eight-year crisis.

    In addition to the delicate situation of the boy, the police were struck by the condition of the premises, as well as by the limited resources of the parents.

    The half-basement was devoid of furniture, the cupboards were empty. In the main room, the couple shared a single bed in a poor state. And in the kitchen, there were no chairs around the table.

    “We had chairs, but they were all broken. It has not yet had the opportunity to redeem “, explains Pascal Roy.

    The man and his wife, Nadia Poulin, live with a very tight budget. Their child, Narémyal, not going to school that morning of the week because of his health problems. The rest of the time, the parents must take care of him, and this complicates the quest for a job.

    List of needs

    “We care for him full-time. We need constantly to be two because of its serious problems “, said Ms Poulin.

    Determined to help the family, the patrol Jouhannet and Bar have asked the poor parents to provide a list of things they would need.

    “To our amazement, their needs were utensils, dishes, chairs. There is a consensus that these are basic things, ” says the agent Jouhannet.

    Seeing the modest claims of the family, the police have decided to model them as a list of essential goods to meet their needs the greatest.

    “There were several things they had not thought of. For example, they did not even have sheets. We added about 50 and 60 items to the list, ” adds the agent Module, a police officer for 6 years in Longueuil.

    “The most beautiful Christmas “

    The parents could not believe their eyes on Tuesday night when police officers have landed in them to provide the many goods collected in a few days.

    With the help of their colleagues and their loved ones, they have harvested for about $ 35,000 in donations : clothes dryer, chairs, bed, mattress, toaster, coffee machine, stoves.

    There were also a dozen grocery bags full of canned goods, pasta, cereal. Before leaving the premises, the police officers are also insured to fill the fridge, which was practically empty, meat pies, a turkey, cheese or milk.

    “With all of that, it is sure that you will spend the most beautiful christmas Carols “, says Mr. Roy, who was amazed to see the police bring as much of home equipment.

    His wife said, for its part, affected the amount of aid received just before the Holidays.

    “We often see in newspapers of people who receive gifts, help. We think that it just happens to others, but there, it is up to us to make things happen. We are really happy, ” says dr. Poulin.

    Police proud

    After their visit at the Roy-Poulin, the two police officers instigators of this action were proud to have hung a smile on the face of this family.

    “The poor people we see regularly. But to see these parents as lacking, with problems of their son, I have never seen it. They also have the right to have a moment of happiness. I am proud to do it for them, ” said Daniel Jouhannet.

    “What touched me the most is that all of my colleagues [at the police de Longueuil] have embarked in the project with their eyes closed. It is a pride to see that someone was able to help a lot more than we thought, ” concludes the agent Module.