Christmas tree cures depression – scientists

Techno 23 December, 2017

2017-12-23 10:19

Christmas tree cures depression – scientists
Representatives of the scientific world has proved the positive influence of the festive green trees on the body of people

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It turned out that it can cure large number of diseases encountered in the cold season, reports Rus.Media.

The tree is not only a tree under which to hide the gifts and decorate it, but for the treatment.

Spruce bark contains essential oils, chlorophyll, vitamins, hormones, anthelmintic and bacteriostatic substances. This tree can help get rid of kidney disease and cardiovascular system, and also deduce from an organism radionuclides.

In addition, scientists claim that the time spent at festive trees, very relaxing the nervous system and reducing anxiety. So we urge you to spend a cozy evening near the Christmas tree.