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Entertainment, Techno 3 August, 2017


In an interview given to Paris Match, the spokesman of the government, Christophe Castaner, slid the air of nothing of tender words for his wife, Hélène, with whom he had two daughters.

The family first. Christophe Castaner, the government spokesman, responded to a questionnaire developed by Paris Match, this Thursday, 3 August, not hesitating to reveal a few bits and pieces of his intimate life. Almost without realizing it, while wishing to remain discreet, he made a nice statement to the one who shares his life, the mother of his two daughters : Helena. A way to show, also, thathe places his family at the top of its priorities.


The question, With which nwould you not be angry ? “, the one who recently remarked to a joke sexist on Rihanna, has directly answered : “With the mother of my daughters, I would be hurt otherwise ! An answer that shows how much complicity he has with his partner is important to her. Both met in high school, and no longer left. Between them, it is solid.


Also, last may, the beautiful bearded man had mentioned his wife live on LCI, still with a lot of tenderness and gratitude.I am lucky that my girls have a mom who is hyperdisponible and me secure in my life, because I couldn’t do the job I do if it was not happy and if we were not sure that his children are living well. It is thanks to their mother, and I thank him for that, he said.


A little later in the interview of Paris Match, while the journalist asks him where he sees himself in ten years, close to the president, launches without hesitation :from my family ! And when asked what is his greatest pride, here again, no hesitation : My daughters ! , he replied. No doubt possible : his entire universe seems to revolve around the three women of his clan.

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