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Entertainment, Techno 3 August, 2017

Mea culpa

Accused of sexism by a good number of internet users after having mentioned the keeping of Rihanna during her visit to the Elysée on July 26, Christophe Castaner, the government spokesman, has finally apologized.

Christophe Castaner made his mea culpa. Interviewed by Konbini on the recent meeting between Rihanna and Emmanuel Macron, the spokesman of the government is accused of making about gender on the singer. And for good reason, the latter said that “his outfit was maybe a bit too baggy ” so that he might regret not having met her. A response that has provoked the wrath of many people and personalities. In the Face of the controversy growing, the political man, wished, therefore, to present his excuses. “These are the words that I regret. Mea culpa for having let them think this because this is not my culture, nor my way of being“, is it to entrust the LCI.

It is my responsibility to pay attention to my remarks, but we must put it in the context”, is it then justified it by recalling that he had wondered if he wasn’t too jealous of the relationship between the president of the Republic and the singer is barbadian. A guest on the media enjoyed by the millenials, the spokesperson would he have yielded to the temptation of the comm and cool ? “It was said on the tone of the humor. I remained on that register, the register love. These were not the words of the most wise.” , he added to his justification. Excuses are questionable, which may not convince its critics : “The sexism built in official communication. Ladies and gentlemen : Christophe ” lourdo “ “, “What note macho. What nerdy“, can we still read on the social networks. A fault confessed half redressed ?

After the controversy on the SMS Sibeth n’diaye on Simone Veil (that she denies having written), this is the 2nd false note in 24h in the communication of the president, who would have surely spent a bad buzz.

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Christophe Castaner

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