Chrome: Google’s browser gets ready for virtual reality!

Techno 19 May, 2017

Chrome optimizes version 2.0 of its browser for a virtual reality experience. What to change your way of sailing!
There is a year of virtual reality is invited to Google I / O . The opportunity for the web giant to present its platform, Daydream, which allows the Android to switch to VR mode. Today, Chrome goes further by offering an optimized version for the RV. The owners of Google’s helmets will therefore be able to experience the RV through web browsing. This version does not differ so much from your original browser. The interest lies in the navigation of sites that use WebVR. The next version of the browser will indeed make the RV accessible to any headset, and even the most basic. But it will be necessary to wait this summer so that the virtual reality invites itself on your preferred browser.
Thanks to the Daydream 2.0 technology, Daydream Euphrates, you will surf the web 360 °. The interface will be almost identical for the classic web pages, even if they will still be adapted to match the 3D version. On the other hand, for sites optimized for the RV, this is where you risk to get yourself a slap! For augmented reality, it is Tango who will take care of it. But Google will not stop there! The company also announced that it will develop a version of Chromium with augmented reality developers a little later in the year. Business to follow! A follower of series and RV? You’ll love mater The Walking Dead in VR . Rather cheerful of the RV?