Closure of atms in the region: Desjardins convened by the elected members of the national Assembly

News 15 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 10:00

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 10:04

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    QUEBEC | political parties in the national Assembly have asked Thursday for Desjardins to come and explain in the committee on the announced closure of several counters and counters in the region.

    “There have been several closures announced in different municipalities, and parliamentarians need to understand why and what is the strategy [Desjardins],” said Guy Ouellette, liberal mp and chairman of the Commission of the development of the territory.

    Mr. Ouellette has refused to condemn the policy of Desjardins group, simply saying that the elected officials need to understand the intentions of the co-op.

    “For people in the area, I think it is very important,” he added.

    The Commission is not to “compel” Desjardins to come to testify, although it does not close the door on this possibility if the financial institution refuses the invitation.

    In addition to Desjardins, the Commission also wishes to hear the quebec Federation of municipalities and the Association of bankers.