Club 27: the Leader of the group SHINee was found dead in the apartment of Seoul

News 18 December, 2017

The frontman of the group SHINee from South Korea, Kim Jongen found dead in a rented apartment in Seoul. Write about a local news Agency.


The musician died at 27 years of age. According to preliminary information, the cause of death of Jongen was poisoning by toxic gases.

The leader of SHINee was found unconscious in a rented apartment in the South-Eastern part of the South Korean capital. For a small period of time before the local rescue service was called by the relatives of Johana, saying that the artist became ill. It was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors diagnosed death.

Music band SHINee performed in the style of K-pop. Kim Jongen also participated in the group SM the Ballad. Two years ago, he began a solo career. While the exact causes and circumstances of death have been reported, but some fans began to say that the singer joined the infamous “Club 27”.

Before it became known cause of death of young rapper Lil Peep. The actor died from a drug overdose. So confirmed the most possible version experts.