Coca-Cola wants to recycle all its bottles and cans by 2030

News 19 January, 2018
  • Photo AFP


    Friday, 19 January 2018 10:13

    Friday, 19 January 2018 10:13

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    New York | Coca-Cola is increasing its efforts in recycling by committing to reuse its bottles and cans, a measure that is part of a series of initiatives taken recently by the giant non-alcoholic drinks to improve its image.

    The make soft drinks, which is present in more than 200 countries, sets itself the ambitious goal of recycling a can or a bottle for each drink sold by 2030.

    Coca-Cola has also committed to be one of the companies leading to reduce materials and waste plastics that are invading the oceans.

    To do this, the group of Atlanta (south-east) intends to invest millions of dollars to educate and raise awareness among consumers about the pollution plastics in the sea and the benefits of recycling.

    The company aims to make all packaging 100% recyclable in the world by 2030. In this regard, at least half of the bottles sold by Coca-Cola and its bottlers will contain recyclable materials in this horizon.

    “Bottles and cans should not hurt to our planet and a world without waste is possible,” notes James Quincey, the president and CEO, quoted in the press release.

    This campaign, called “World Without Waste” (A world without waste), aims to end to improve the image of Coca-Cola, at a time when the general public and of the shareholders and investors calling for greater civic consciousness on the part of multinational corporations.

    On Monday, Laurence Fink, the CEO of the u.s. fund BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world, had called the big bosses to focus more on their contribution to the common good and to focus less on the growth of their profits in the short term.

    “To prosper over time, any business must not only produce financial results, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society,” said Mr Fink, whose fund is a shareholder of several large corporations.

    Coca-Cola says Friday that 100% of the water it currently uses in the process of production of its beverages is reused.

    To carry out its new ambitions ” environmental “, and the giant non-alcoholic drinks is associated with various NGOS, including the foundation of Ellen MacArthur, the famous navigator of the uk.

    In addition to recycling, Coca-Cola has been undertaken recently to reduce the amount of sugar in its drinks and decreased the size of those in the United States to help in the fight against diabetes and obesity.