Cocaine trafficking busted: the other two individuals have appeared

News 30 March, 2018
  • Kathleen Frenette

    Friday, 30 march 2018 16:35

    Friday, 30 march 2018 16:40

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    Two other individuals arrested in the context of a transaction aimed at the trafficking of cocaine appeared, on Friday morning, at the palace of justice of Quebec.

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    All as their sidekick who has appeared on Thursday, Eric Carrier, 41 years old, and Stéphane Lebel, 49 years of age, were brought before the judge Réna Émond to be accused of conspiracy, possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking and drug trafficking.

    As the prosecutor does not oppose their release, the two men were able to recover it by filing each in the amount of$ 1,000. They will also have to abide by a curfew, not to communicate between them and do not have a cell phone.

    The lawyer for the two men, Me and Simon Roy, has asked that his client be brought back before the Court on may 29.

    In the wake of the arrests, another man, namely Pedro Acosta Reyes, has also been able to resume his freedom. The other four individuals arrested are: Jean Dutil, Daniel Gagné, André L’heureux, and Steve Savard, all represented by mr. Roy and they’ll be back in Court next Thursday.


    Recall that on Thursday morning, a fifty police officers participated in the operation by conducting searches at eight different locations in the boroughs of la Cité-Limoilou, Haute-Saint-Charles and Rivers.

    In total, the police seized more than a kilogram of cocaine, $ 10,000 in money and a revolver caliber .22.

    According to the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ), the network was working 7 days on 7, 24 h on 24 h, almost everywhere in the region of Quebec.