Coderre was also considering increasing fines

News 23 January, 2018
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    Denis Coderre

    Yves Poirier

    Monday, 22 January 2018 22:29

    Monday, 22 January 2018 22:31

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    MONTREAL | While the official opposition at Montreal city hall is coming to red cannon balls on the administration of Valérie Plante who is considering to impose fines more salt in the wound to motorists, a document consulted by TVA Nouvelles demonstrates that the ex-mayor Denis Coderre had also the intention to increase the fines.

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    In fact, according to the document, the directors of Denis Coderre was considering the possibility of increase of $ 10, the price of tickets issued by parking agents of Montréal, in the purpose to get income of $17.6 million.

    Thus, a ticket of $ 53, which is adjusted to the new rates, plus legal fees, would have ended up costing close to $ 80 at the motorist.

    On Monday, the chairman of the executive committee, Benoit Dorais, has justified the intentions of projet Montréal, explaining that the amounts of the fines have not been reviewed since 2009. Administration Plant seeks to fill the gap of $ 30 million between revenues of $ 176.5 million collected for fines and penalties in 2017, and the budget estimates of 206,6 million, respectively, for 2018.

    More specifically, the City seeks to harvest for the next year, $ 186 million in fines from traffic and parking.