Commission scolaire de Montreal: issues of sexual violence at school

News 30 March, 2018
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    Friday 30th of march 2018 11:32

    Friday 30th of march 2018 11:32

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    MONTREAL – The problems of sexual violence in schools of the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM) would not be taken seriously and an independent curator Violaine Cousineau believes that there is an urgency to act.

    Last Wednesday, at the meeting of the board of commissioners of the CSDM, seven students and two presenters delivered a moving tribute that included blowjobs made under threat, touching and other forms of sexual assault perpetrated by other students within the same schools.

    “The testimonies incredibly heartbreaking, brave, that the girls we have delivered were detailed, visually saw the scenes to give cold in the back, scenes of fellatio under the threat (…) we are told how it happens in places over the deserts of the school while everyone is in class,” said Ms Cousineau.

    The independent commissioner urged the minister of Education, Sébastien Proulx, implement “real course” sex education “provided by professionals”.

    “It can’t be the dusting of measures in our schools (…) we have first responders trained who know how to act with girls, but guys too,” she said.

    Last week, 300 students of the University of Montreal have signed a letter to denounce the process of denunciation of sexual violence and call on the minister of higher Education, Hélène David, act. The Parti québécois and the Coalition avenir Québec are calling for a rapid adoption of the draft law that would allow to better fight against sexual violence on the campus of the University of Montreal.

    The team of “J. E.” looked, in the month of February last, about the phenomenon of taboo and misunderstood of the sexual assaults perpetrated by other young people in schools. Three families had been encountered, and in two of the three cases, the one who had laid the gestures had less than 12 years.