Complete closure of highway 20 eastbound between the 13th and the city centre

News 3 March, 2018
  • Archival photograph Dario Ayala

    QMI agency

    Saturday, 3 march 2018 14:27

    Saturday, 3 march 2018 14:35

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    MONTREAL – The department has proceeded with the closure, Saturday afternoon, highway 20 east from the junction with highway 13, and this, until the exit Angrignon.

    The ministry justified the closure by invoking the “traffic conditions difficult in the sector, and the security issues that may arise”.

    Remember that hwy 20 is was already closed for the duration of the weekend from the heat exchanger Angrignon, and this, until the Turcot interchange. Beyond, the road 136 to the city centre is also closed for the duration of the end of the week.

    These closures are made necessary by the demolition of the Turcot interchange.

    Due to the closure of highway 20 motorists arriving from the west of the island must rely on a detour via highways 13 and 40 if they want to continue their path towards the heart of the metropolis.

    The MTQ has not indicated at what time the highway will reopen to traffic between the 13 and the output Angrignon.