Complete test of the MacBook 12 “2017, a laptop really public!

Techno 6 July, 2017

Ultra-thin and super light, the MacBook 12 “2017 has gained power, its Retina display is as bright as ever but its high price could be a brake on the purchase.This is my complete test of the laptop Apple .

The MacBook, Apple’s ultra-light computer was entitled to its third version in early June. More than a true transformation, this evolution of the headphone computer appeared to me as obvious. If it seems more cumbersome than an iPad Pro equipped with a Smart Keyboard, the MacBook 12 “offers an excellent grip. Design level, there is nothing new under the sun of Cupertino. A small aesthetic change on the control key, difficult to differentiate this MacBook 12 “from its elders. But inside the machine, several novelties are likely to amaze you.

With this 12-inch MacBook, Apple goes to the seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake processor, the Core m3. If it is less powerful than the Core i of the U series, it is powerful enough to meet all your needs in terms of web, streaming or office. And concretely, this new processor improves the overall performance and autonomy of this MacBook 12 “version 2017. Personally, I had the impression that this third generation of MacBook was downright more powerful than the irreducible MacBook Air.

The first real surprise for me is the keyboard of this new MacBook. Less rigid but still as loud as that of its big brother, the keyboard of the ultra-light Apple (920 g) seems to offer a better experience of input. It will take me a little more time to confirm or disprove this impression. But if the Retina display on this computer is less bright than the MacBook Pro 2017, the 12 “MacBook is still eye-catching. Nice to use, it’s very cool to work despite the small size of the slab.

But I may be in love with this computer, I can also find some faults. The design of the MacBook did not really evolve, the same for the size and resolution of the screen. Connector side, no change or almost. If you regretted the absence of several USB-C connectors (the MacBook 12 “2016 has only one), the Apple did not drink your words since its ultra-portable version 2017 is equipped only with one Only USB-C port.This is perhaps even more “serious”, when we know that Thunderbolt 3 compatibility is also part of the list of forgotten.It is a shame for a MacBook that has everything to please, If we set aside his price: from 1499 euros at Apple!