Computers: HP introduces three new laptops at the Cannes Film Festival

Techno 25 May, 2017

Looking for a laptop like no other, able to offer you a max of power? These three products presented by HP during the Cannes Film Festival should please you …
We always need a good laptop when traveling. If you are going to the Festival de Cannes and want to edit your photos of stars, for example! And it was at this event, which unveiled its best looks , that HP introduced three new laptops. Laptops with different specifications that could please you if you are looking for a new machine at the same time stylish and high performance. The first is the HP Specter , a 165 ° retractable computer designed for artists. Thanks to its certified Windows Ink pen, its 6 million pixels and its 12.3 inches , this laptop PC will be your ideal ally if you plan to draw, edit your images or photos.
The second PC could also be your happiness since it is the HP Envy , available in two versions: 13 and 17 inches! Level characteristics, it can be said that the manufacturer has known how to be generous. Four loudspeakers with amplifiers, a wide-angle HD camera and an 8 megapixel UHD camera will delight image enthusiasts. The touchpad has a fingerprint reader for addicts to safety! The third computer is the HP Envy x360 convertible and its thin screen! As the first model, it features a stylus allowing, this time, an easier note taking. The icing on the cake ? With its expandable RAM up to 16GB DDR4, the HP Envy x360 is ultra fast. This will give cold sweat to the future MateBook X, future Huawei laptop . What do you think of these computers?