Condemned to a wheelchair, she becomes the champion of “fitness”

News 17 December, 2017
  • Photo courtesy
    France Ste-Marie, champion quebec fitness in 2015.

    Caroline Lepage

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 22:06

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 22:06

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    SHERBROOKE | A woman condemned to a wheelchair if she did not abandon the sport has defied the predictions of medical by becoming a provincial champion of ” fitness “. At 50 years old, she is preparing to go alone in the desert of Morocco.

    There are a dozen years, France Ste-Marie has undergone two operations for a herniated disk on the same vertebra. His surgeon had ordered to stop the sport, failing which, he had told her, she would quickly be in a wheelchair.

    This active mom made a cross on the run, soccer, basketball, rock climbing, etc

    Photo courtesy

    On the photo, we see France Ste-Marie, which had taken 35 pounds after a doctor had said not to do sport, at the risk of remaining disabled.

    “I listened to it. I took 35 pounds. My morale was awful. I was full of anxiety, ” said the lady of 50 years old.

    Her back was suffering intensely. After two years of hell, its three boys suggested to take in hand.

    Ms. Ste-Marie has set up a corner for it to get back in shape, with moderation, and then initiated the ” fitness “. At 45 years of age, she donned her bikini and her high heels for her first competitions.

    She has been crowned champion a few times. “I don’t do things by half,” says this determined woman.

    Despite a serious motorcycle accident in 2015, the health professionals no longer fear that it will become disabled.

    Ms. Ste-Marie dream now is to win the rally Roses des sables, which will, in October 2018, to travel solo in the desert of Morocco.

    Recently, the candidates can make the race alone, on a motorcycle or quad bike. Their departure took place in Errachidia, Morocco, and not France, as is the case for the participants in the duo. The challenge is more difficult for those who make the crossing alone.

    A warrior

    This “warrior” is preparing like never before. She must collect money and equipment for this adventure, as well as develop the skills to meet the challenge.

    She completes this winter its sense of direction in cross-country skiing by walking with a compass.

    It will take place at the quad as soon as it will be the models allowed, but his mechanical skills could interfere with several men.

    Side physical, the athlete will hydrate even more than before, because it will have to drink 12 to 15 litres of water per day in the desert.

    She takes part, in the studio Boomerang de Sherbrooke, sessions of hot yoga, at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, to get used to the heat.

    The suspension system TRX puts to the test his muscle strength and his balance.

    As she works as a coach privately and in a gym, it exercises its body full-time.

    These efforts enable him to keep health and, above all, the pride of her three boys, who will be present to congratulate her at the end of the race, in Marrakech.