Confirmation of the dismissal of the ex-DG of The Assumption

News 7 February, 2018
  • Matthew Payen

    Tuesday, 6 February 2018 23:01

    Tuesday, 6 February 2018 23:01

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    A judge rejects the appeal of the former director-general of The Assumption, who challenged his dismissal and denounced by the very fact the costs of a trial would have trained for the citizens of the municipality.

    Jean Lacroix, who has been relieved of his duties on 17 April 2015, less than a year after coming to office, will not recover her job.

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    Jean Lacroix
    Ex-DG of The Assumption

    The judge of the administrative Tribunal of the working Guy Roy based his decision on a clause in the contract of employment of the ex-DG. This clause, imposed by Mr. Lacroix himself prior to his employment, provided that the City could, of its own initiative […], put an end to the present contract […] without any reason required by paying to the director-general a severance pay formula of 26 weeks of salary.”

    However, two cheques totaling $ 65 000 $ have been claimed and cashed by Mr. Lacroix after his loss of employment.

    “The City has honored the terms of the contract of employment […] putting an end to a dispute potential “, concludes the judge.

    Long-suffering citizens

    The judge Roy avoids as well that the action turns into a long trial, which, according to him, ” is a shameless use of the justice system and an additional fee for citizens who are already warmly experienced “.

    The citizens of The Assumption to pay their taxes significant legal costs for 2014, due to numerous procedures involving the mayor at the time, Jean-Claude Gingras.

    The City has indicated to the Newspaper that the amount exceeds one million dollars.

    The case of MESSRS. Lacroix and Gingras are related since the loss of employment of the director general is the result of a public survey conducted in early 2015 by the Commission municipale du Québec (CMQ).

    Of the officers of the City had then denounced the proximity between Mr. Lacroix and the mayor Gingras, who was to reign, according to them, a climate of terror at city hall.

    “When we were yelled at by the mayor, the ceo did not intervene […] It was really terrible, what was happening at The Assumption, had testified Dominique Valiquette, treasurer at the time.

    As of February 2015, the CMQ had sent notice of reprimand to Mr. Lacroix, and recommended his dismissal because of his inaction.

    What to say to the judge Roy that the former DG has fared to good account in getting 6 months of severance pay.

    The Newspaper has not been able to reach Mr. Lacroix.