Continuation of $ 10 million against the emergency services of Hamilton

News 27 January, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 08:38

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 08:43

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    HAMILTON, Ontario – The family of a young man killed by a bullet while trying to protect an elderly person commences a lawsuit for $ 10 million against the police, paramedics, Hamilton hospital, St Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton, Ontario.

    The family of mr. Yosif Al-Hasnawi accused these services have not rescued properly the young man of 19 years, reports Global News. According to several witnesses of the shooting that occurred last December, the paramedics called to the scene have minimized the injuries suffered by Al-Hasnawi, claiming that he was playing the comedy.

    An investigation into the way in which this event has been supported by the emergency services of Hamilton is underway.

    The family also continues to pursue the alleged murderer of the young man and the man we presume to be his accomplice.