Contortionist from Australia in yoga bear : In the World : Vladim

News 25 December, 2017

A resident of Australia Stefanie Millinger does yoga with bear. Photos of unusual events published in Instagram the girl.


Millinger took part in the filming of the original photo shoot. On images shows that she does yoga in the company of bear Stephen. For his work the animal received from their masters the usual culinary treats.

Acrobat was among the finalists of the transfer of the talents in Germany “Das Supertalent”. Every day she devotes to training for several hours, sharing their own success in social networks. On her account signed on 17 000 subscribers, admiring Stephanie’s achievements in sport and life.

Millinger showed acrobatic stunts in the underground of Moscow. The girl posted a photo from the event to Instagram, much to the pleased subscribers, wrote her a number of compliments about her abilities and shapes.