Controlled by a biker, a bar of Laval had to close

News 9 February, 2018
  • Frederique Giguere

    Friday, 9 February 2018 19:59

    Friday, 9 February 2018 19:59

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    A bar of Laval operated clandestinely by a supporter of the Hells Angels has been forced to close its doors, mainly because undercover agents have discovered that the establishment was an important place of transaction of drugs.

    The Ostid’Bar, located on boulevard Curé-Labelle, in the area of Sainte-Rose, has recently seen its permit revoked by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ).

    The owner and holder of the licensed, Isabelle Charbonneau, was very little involved in the operation of the bar formerly known as the Den, if one relies on the evidence gathered by the police of Laval.

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    Isabelle Charbonneau

    The bar owner

    Controlled by a biker

    The wife of 39 years, devoting instead the bulk of his time working in a beauty salon. His testimony before the RAJC demonstrates, moreover, ” his lack of awareness of what is happening to the institution and […] the detachment, which it expresses in terms of the responsibilities incumbent on a holder of liquor licence “, one can read in the decision.

    The establishment was rather operated by Denis “Macok” Larocque, a former member of the Devils Warriors and Dark Souls, two clubs and supporters of the Hells Angels. Indeed, it is still considered a relative of the motorcycle gangs, according to an expert of the Sûreté du Québec, came to testify before the board.

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    Denis Larocque

    Biker and operator of the bar

    For 30 years

    In the aftermath of the forced closure of the Ostid’Bar, Denis Larocque has published a message on his page in Facebook, in which he indicated that he had “controlled” the bar with pride ” for almost 30 years “. He said that he “likes challenges” and that it is not on the verge of retirement.

    Already, the fact that the licence to be operated by a person other than the holder is, in the eyes of the RAJC, a valid reason to revoke a license.

    But this is not all.

    Strike counter-narcotics

    In summer 2015, undercover agents of the police of Laval, have made it possible to prove that a network of sale of drugs was installed in the bar.

    A bartender, an employee assigned to management tasks as well as three customers were arrested. They have all admitted traffic of narcotics in the establishment.

    In spite of the striking police, other arrests in connection with possession of drugs have been carried out by the following.

    The board thus held that the counter-narcotics operation had not had a deterrent effect on the management mode of the bar by Ms. Charbonneau.

    The board has therefore concluded that ” his ignorance […] of his employees, his trust in certain people with criminal […] and the many violations that occurred […] demonstrate that Ms. Charbonneau does not have the competence nor the integrity necessary to operate a liquor licence “.

    Contacted by The Newspaper, the woman did not wish to comment.