Convicted in the U.S. of Russian pilot Yaroshenko successfully underwent surgery

News 6 December, 2017

Convicted in the United States by 20 years in prison of Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko successfully underwent surgery. Information reported by the spouse of the pilot Victoria Yaroshenko.


The woman told reporters that the operation is associated with tortures. In Liberia, the pilot was severely beaten, and in 2014 he had health problems. Now the condition of Konstantin Yaroshenko is satisfactory. The first surgery was harder than the current one. From doctors has improved the attitude of the pilot. In previous times it immediately after the operation was sent to the camera, and the distance there amounted to more than a kilometer. The weakened body barely endured this torture. Now the situation Yaroshenko has greatly improved, he was allowed to recover and only after that sent to jail.

The Russian pilot accused of sale of drugs, which he allegedly received in Liberia and intended to sell in the United States. In Moscow called the accusations Yaroshenko politicized. In 2011, a pilot sentenced to 20 years in prison.