Corridor eclipses-2018. Why you need to be especially careful to 15 Feb

Techno 2 February, 2018

2018-02-02 18:38

Corridor eclipses-2018. Why you need to be especially careful to 15 Feb
From January 31 to February 15, 2018, we may observe a phenomenon which astrologers call “the corridor of eclipses”.

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Corridor eclipses-2018: why you need to be especially careful to February 15, reports Rus.Media.

From January 31 to February 15, 2018, we may observe a phenomenon which astrologers call “the corridor of eclipses”. It began lunar Eclipse during the full moon in Leo and will end a partial solar Eclipse on February 15 at 22.52 GMT in Aquarius. The current corridor of eclipses, according to astrologers, can affect the next 18 years of life.

It will be challenging and emotionally intense two weeks. And the most important advice of astrologers: don’t take this time any fateful decisions. Do not rush to tear the old ties: to change jobs or to leave. To destroy everything is now particularly easy, but most likely then you’ll regret it, and fix something it will be virtually impossible. The corridor of the eclipses gives us a chance to change, which we have long dreamed of.

Now we need to take awareness, corridor eclipses the time of the fateful coincidences and accidents. It is not strange sounds, try not becoming an active participant in life, to watch her like a Pew, listen to your intuition. Try to treat the situation philosophically, as a life lesson – negative attitude worsens the situation and the consequences of what happened.

Be tolerant to others, because the Eclipse affects them. In this regard, there are household and labor conflicts, inattentive drivers, legal disputes. You should try to all is not to get involved, to step back. Do not take with hot important decisions that will lead to major changes in life. The desire to make radical decisions in regard to finances, work or personal relationships, is only going to intensify the emotional state is unstable, and the logic to malfunction. Even if you think that you are all well considered and weighed, and, for example, divorce is the only way out of the situation, postpone the final decision for later. All that happens at this time to change will be virtually impossible.

Want to lose a man forever phoscorites with him during this period. If you choose someone to leave, do it discreetly, with respect for the feelings of another, don’t forget to thank him (mentally or aloud) for shared experience, give him the right to his own opinion, which may disagree with yours.

Also try to refrain from serious spending and investments in new projects, not to get involved in adventures, as well as the purchase of real estate. It is fraught with losses. Better at this time to pay off debt or postpone savings.

The corridor of the eclipses – a great opportunity to get rid of what you have a burden of bad habits, addictions, judgments. For example, now it will be much easier to quit Smoking than at any other time. With regard to health – now they can Express themselves exacerbations of chronic disease. Also watch out for the quality of food increases the risk of various kinds of poisoning. And alcohol now best avoided altogether. Even small doses can lead to increased impulsivity, conflicts and scandals, as well as to intoxication.

Try to relax, get enough sleep, go for a massage or SPA treatment. The whole of the corridor of particular importance should be paid to the spiritual practices and meditation.

Solar Eclipse on 15 February will be an important turning point in our lives, it’s time to turn the page and start a new Chapter. Today, it is important to identify, and possibly record your goals, to lay their programme for the future. Be ambitious and don’t be afraid to plan. Now start to make decisions and reap the rewards of the corridor eclipses. Everyone will get what he deserves. You awareness and inner harmony. Protect yourself and your loved ones.